About us

The world’s changing climate and the threats and opportunities it affords, are one of the biggest issues facing society today. At Oxford more than 170 scientists are rising to the challenge and seek to understand what is causing climate change, what are the impacts, and what we can do about it.

The University of Oxford’s Climate Research Network responds to these challenges, building upon the University’s existing and emerging climate research excellence.

The Oxford Climate Research Network is a cross-divisional research community, harnessing Oxford’s diverse strengths to address the challenge of managing climate change in a complex and uncertain world. The network aims to develop a research agenda to address key challenges of a changing climate, deepen knowledge to inform policy and planning, and develop instruments to improve practice in partnership with government, research and business communities.

Oxford University advances cutting-edge interdisciplinary research which yields practical and policy-relevant solutions for managing the risks and opportunities of a changing climate. We drive innovation and generate new knowledge to transform current thinking about how we understand and respond to climate-related risk.

Connecting people across disciplines

Addressing the complex challenges of climate change requires bringing together insights and expertise from across the natural, social and engineering sciences. Oxford University has a diverse portfolio of outstanding climate research spanning a vast array different departments, institutes and interdisciplinary schools, including: Department of Physics, Department of Earth Sciences, School of Geography and the Environment, Mathematical Institute, Oxford Martin School, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Department of Engineering Science, Department of Politics and International Relations, Institute for Science Innovation and Society, School of Archaeology, and Department of Chemistry.

Forging partnerships

Oxford University invests in strategic partnerships across science, policy and enterprise communities to advance a common agenda for tackling climate change challenges.

Oxford collaborates with the UN, European Union, World Bank, world-class research institutions, research councils, water utilities, governments, enterprises and NGOs around the world. This global network strengthens the evidence base to inform decision-making.

Some of our current partners include: Met Office, Environment Agency, Research Councils UK, Microsoft, The Open University, The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), The Guardian, BP Global, National Grid, European Space Agency and Committee on Climate Change.

OCRN Steering Group

Helen Johnson (Academic Coordinator, Earth Sciences)
Myles Allen (Geography, Physics)
Ben Caldecott (SSEE)
Ian Hewitt (Mathematics)
Radhika Khosla (SSEE)
Benito Müller (ECI, Geography)
Amanda Power (History)
Philip Stier (Physics)
Tim Woollings (MOAP)
Tristram Walsh (Network Coordinator, OUCE)
Maria Petrunova (Network Administrator, Earth Sciences)