The imperative to decarbonise society in order to minimise the impacts of human-induced climate change is clear from the research output and activities furthering knowledge in this area underway at Oxford. From research into lower carbon energy sources, energy efficient technology and building, to economic levers, climate finance, behaviour change and international policy, wide-ranging activities are contributing to the international effort to mitigate global climate change.  A vast array of departments is involved in lower carbon research in some way and the cross-disciplinary activity in this area is plentiful.


In terms of energy research, activities around energy pricing and demand are complemented with studies around thermal and electrochemical energy storage systems, solar concentrators, tidal and marine-based energy generation, hydrogen production and new energy materials. Low carbon transport, buildings and non-carbon fuels are also being research across Oxford’s institutions.

Activities surrounding related areas such as geo-engineering are also underway.


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Relevant Research Groups and Themes

Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment

Transport Studies Unit

Institute for New Economic Thinking

Blavatnik School of Goverment

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Civil Engineering Research

Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies

Energy Systems and Governance

Smart energy systems, everyday life and social learning

Transport, Mobility and Energy

Energy, Organisations and Society

Energy Monitoring and Analytics

Energy Demand Policy