Knowledge exchange

The University of Oxford is committed to actively engaging stakeholders and researchers in developing innovative research.

Oxford climate researchers have long been recognised for their enthusiasm for communicating with a range of stakeholders from business, government and the general public. This has resulted in an extensive programme of publicly available lectures and seminars, podcasts, educational resources and websites.


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Relevant Research Groups and Themes

Spear-heading the new Oxford University’s approach to stakeholder engagement is This exciting project, launched in 2002, uses spare computer capacity on people’s home computers to run climate models. Since the start of the project, there have been nearly 130 million climate years calculates, a figure that would prove too costly and time consuming using conventional methods.

Weather at Home has been a wonderful success in bringing scientists and the public together to further the climate research agenda. However, at Oxford University, we are committed to pushing the boundaries and seek new opportunities to work in partnership to develop climate understanding. To this end, the researchers involved with have joined forces with the Guardian newspaper and Microsoft to develop the weather at home experiment.

This exciting new opportunity builds on the success of in using home computers to run climate simulation models, but rather than modelling the climate on a global level, the models will be run on a regional level. The current regions being modelled are Europe, Western United States and Southern Africa. is a global programme which aims to encourage the sharing of high quality information about climate science, modelling and the interpretation of climate change modelling experiments. It offers two free short online courses and supporting an online community of knowledge sharing in regional climate prediction. This programme combines climate prediction expertise from the University of Oxford’s team and the Met Office Hadley Centre’s PRECIS team.

Oxford University Consulting

Oxford University Consulting can assist academics who are interested in acting as consultants to businesses as well as being a first point of contact for businesses who are looking for academics from Oxford to act as consultants.