• Oxford scientists contribute to Met Office’s new R&I strategy

    Oxford scientists were recently involved in an advisory role during the formulation of the new Met Office research and innovation strategy. This strategy sets out the aims of the Met Office over the next 10 years in advancing the science of weather and climate and its application to services:

  • Oxford MOAP supporting summer students

    Oxford MOAP often supports summer students to work with research teams in Oxford on short projects with, or of interest to the Met Office.

    If you are interested in this scheme, look out for adverts at relevant departments from around Easter, or contact tim.woollings@physics.ox.ac.uk if you have any queries.

  • Prof. Albert Klein Tank visiting Oxford

    Prof. Albert Klein Tank, Head of the Met Office Hadley Centre, gave a seminar on the Hadley Centre’s perspective on Climate Science. This interesting talk sparked lots of discussion around climate sensitivity, recent models and communication of uncertainty.

  • Met Office prizes to Oxford students

    We were pleased to award the annual Met Office prizes to the following students for outstanding dissertations. Congratulations to all!

    • Jack Rogers
      College: St Edmund Hall
      Department: School of Geography and the Environment
      Dissertation title: An investigation into the influence of climate change on the extreme precipitation event that occurred over central Europe in August 2002
    • Andrew Styles
      College: Lincoln College
      Department: Physics
      Dissertation Title: Boundary currents and zonal jets in a laboratory model of the Atlantic Ocean
    • Robert Paver
      College: St. Annes
      Department: Earth Sciences
      Dissertation title: “Barium isotopes in tropical corals calibrated to ambient seawater”