Climate concepts

Understanding what is happening to the climate, what are the impacts and what we can do about it can be confusing. Colleagues in the Oxford Climate Network have dedicated a lot of their time to talking to people about these issues, which we have recorded and collected here to help you. If there are areas of climate science, policy and practice that you would like to understand better then please contact us and we would be happy to help where we can.

Climate science

Oxford Weather and Climate since 1767

Introduction to Climate Change

Climate change: past, present and future

The Science of Climate Change

Climate’s Holy Trinity

Al Gore - The future: six drivers of global change

From global to local - the relationship between global climate and regional warming

Climate change morphing into an existential problem

Clouds and Climate by Prof Tapio Schneider

Climate impacts

‘The Attribution Question’

Heating up: extreme weather and climate change

Climate breakdown is actually increasing the economic value of polar seas – beware the business opportunists

Medical Sciences and climate breakdown: time to move beyond evidence to action

Are people dying from climate change?

Is today’s weather made worse by climate change?

The security threats of climate change

Planetary warming: is a 1.5 degree target achievable?

Planetary health: does our planet have boundaries?

Planetary Health: Does our planet have boundaries? With Kate Raworth

"Planetary health: does our planet have boundaries?" with Prof Yadvinder Malhi and Kate Raworth

Climate Violence?

Natural flood management - what’s the evidence?

How do climate change and extreme weather impact our ecosystems?

Climate action

Climate scientist Myles Allen on #Fridays4Future #SchoolStrikes4Climate

Podcast: Twelve years to climate disaster?

Podcast: Climate change and politics - why haven’t we done more?

Emission budgets and pathways to 1.5 degrees in the context of the global stocktake

Greenhouse gas removal: the key to a carbon-neutral UK?

Nick Eyre - Renewable Energy

The Climate Challenge is "Humanity’s Final Exam"

Sir Nicholas Stern - The economics of climate change

Chilling prospects: how to provide cooling for all without blowing the world’s carbon budget

Cumulative emissions of carbon - a path to halting climate change?

Transforming food systems under a changing climate

"What now? Next steps on climate change" with Christiana Figueres

Taming the sun: innovations to harness solar energy and power the planet

"Towards a low-carbon future" with Lord Nicholas Stern

Climate Policy: the world needs to prepare for a risky future

‘Climate change: what’s new, what’s next?’ with Karen Florini

Oxford Achieving Net Zero Conference

Oxford Achieving Net Zero Conference

Oxford Achieving Net Zero Conference

Big Ideas | Doughnut Economics: How to Think Like a 21st Century Economist - Kate Raworth

Building Resilience to the Impacts of El Nino

Culture’s role in hazard and climate change risk

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