Will.i.am and Oxford Professor discuss creative technology and climate change

Posted on 24th July 2012

Will.i.am, a founding member and producer of supergroup Black Eyed Peas, visited Oxford on Monday 21st May to discuss climate science. The megastar met with Professor Myles Allen, professor of Geosystem Science at Oxford University’s School of Geography and Environment and Department of Physics. Will came to Oxford to talk to Myles Allen about Weatherathome, […]

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Climate extremes: Who’s paying?

Posted on 20th July 2012

Prof. Myles Allen is featured in a Reuters analysis on the evidence of climate extremes and the increasing costs associated with them. “We can’t (work out current costs) without being able to make the link to extreme weather,” said prof. Allen. “And once you’ve worked out how much it costs that raises the question of […]

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