Doctoral Training Partnership

The Oxford DTP in Environmental Research will offer a world class, multidisciplinary training environment for the next generation of researchers working at the frontiers of Environmental Science.  The annual cohort will comprise 24 students, about three quarters of whom will be Research Council funded, with the remainder supported by university and college scholarships and non-academic Partners.

Students will be admitted to one of the three streams (Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolutionary Processes, Physical Climate System, Dynamic Earth, Surface Processes and Natural Hazards) of the DTP, and will develop their research project in any relevant area during their first 2-3 months of study.   During this period they will receive intensive, cohort-wide training which will include a 3-day residential field course, development of a common skills toolkit through a series of core cross-cohort courses, training in research and transferable skills, seminar and discussion groups and a termly public lecture programme.

Students will receive support as they develop their research proposal during the first term, months 1-3.  During months 4-12 students embark on their research projects.  By the end of year 1 students will complete a review of the state-of-the-art in their chosen research area and will present their research and a research plan at the end of year conference.  Students will  carry out their research projects in a chosen department. They will gain their D.Phil from this department, although the DTP will continue to provide support, training, career development and networking opportunities.

For further details and information on how to apply go to the DTP website