MOAP News and Events

New Met Office strategy launched 2016-2021

P1010049 The Met Office have announced their new medium term strategy for 2016-2021, outlining their objectives and priorities. More information and a copy of the document can be found at:

Support for Unified Model users

pencil_circle The Met Office’s Unified forecast/climate Model (UM) is one of the world’s leading climate models and one of the world’s leading weather forecasting models, and is available to the UK academic community. However, it is often not user-friendly to those without experience with it. The Met Office Academic Partnership (MOAP) has now made it possible to employ William Ingram at 30% FTE to provide scientific support for UM users and potential UM users in Oxford. He has been involved in writing, tuning and using the UM at the Met Office in many ways over the years, so hopefully he will be able to help with most questions straight off.

Obviously this time commitment limits how much he will be able to do, and in many cases the most helpful thing he can do may be to refer people to the documentation – but while the UM has a great deal of detailed documentation, it can be far from clear to potential users where to find the relevant bit, or what it means. He plans to build up a FAQ but for now has put some information on the “UM scientific support” tab of his page at:

Research experience placement scheme

13-04-26 Lilac Garden-27 The Oxford MOAP Research Advisory Panel (RAP) has agreed to use some of the annual MOAP funds to promote a new Research Experience Placement scheme to fund up to 10 undergraduate students (normally in their 2nd or 3rd year) to spend up to 8-10 weeks working on an open-ended research project under the supervision of an Oxford academic.

Bursaries of up to £2000 (£2500 in exceptional cases) will be available for approved projects, which can be awarded to suitably qualified students from any UK university or other institution elsewhere, provided they have the right to work in the UK.

Student prizes announced

balloons Congratulations to 4 Oxford students who have just been awarded prizes as part of the Met Office Partnership for their dissertation research. The awards are kindly supported and funded by the Met Office. The 4 students are:

Maths – Polly Atkinson (Corpus Christi College) for her MMath dissertation entitled “Derivation and Applications of Quasigeostrophic Theory to the Atmosphere and Oceans”

Physics – Andrew Cane (Lady Margaret Hall) for his MPhys dissertation entitled “Commissioning an IFU spectrograph on the Philip Wetton Telescope” [for observing Jupiter’s atmosphere!]

School of Geography – Thomas Caton-Harrison (Hertford College) for his project on “Comparison of Observed and Re-Analysis Central Saharan Winds”

Earth Sciences – Jacob Morgan (University College) for his extended essay entitled “What are the sources of water for millennial sea level cycles during marine isotope stage 3 and how does this interact with climate?”.