Machine learning research forum

Modern climate science is becoming increasingly limited by our ability to understand complex interactions in vast amounts of data from earth observations and models. At the same time, advances in the field of machine learning, driven by the development of new data-intensive algorithms, are having a major impact on many areas of technology and science, revealing insights so far unreachable.

This Oxford Climate Research Network research forum brings together researchers from across the University from the climate science and artificial intelligence / machine learning communities to exchange ideas, discuss future plans and share tools and methods. This may include people already using machine learning techniques and those in interested in what it has to offer.

Building on a successful workshop in 2018 we aim to hold regular informal meetings, hoping to explore the synergies between these research areas and fertilise collaborations between participants.

A kick-off meeting is being held 10th May, Lecture Theatre, Oxford Martin School providing the opportunity to discuss the ideal setup of this research forum. To register for the event please go to our eventbrite page >>