Will.i.am and Oxford Professor discuss creative technology and climate change

Will.i.am, a founding member and producer of supergroup Black Eyed Peas, visited Oxford on Monday 21st May to discuss climate science. The megastar met with Professor Myles Allen, professor of Geosystem Science at Oxford University’s School of Geography and Environment and Department of Physics.

Will came to Oxford to talk to Myles Allen about Weatherathome, one of the initiatives Progress thru Processors is looking to help. Weatherathome, supported by the Guardian, seeks to understand how climate change may be producing damaging – or beneficial – weather events affecting people’s lives in specific regions of the world. It has been created by the climateprediction.net initiative, the world’s largest climate forecasting experiment, led by Professor Allen. Hundreds of thousands of people in more than 150 countries have made their computers available for climateprediction.net.

Professor Allen is keen to encourage many more people to now join the new international project weatherathome. He said “It was inspiring to see that Will was so enthusiastic and well informed about how we are trying to use computer technology to improve our understanding about our climate futures.”

Members of the public can sign up – free – to weatherathome.